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Ranching is an essential part of Colorado’s history and we are proud to carry on that tradition.

Mike Higuera

Western States Ranches
Agricultural Operations Manager

Mike joined Western States Ranches in 2015 to help oversee agricultural operations. Mike works closely with WSR’s ranch manager Jim Howell to optimize the performance of the land, the animals, and the people who make it all possible.

Before this position, Mike worked with ranchers in North Park and southeastern Colorado on conservation projects that often helped families expand the size of their properties and cattle herds – this meant family members came home and strengthened their operations.

Mike has lived in Colorado since 1997 and grew up spending time in the mountains which is where he developed his love for the landscape he is fortunate enough to work in.

As the fourth-generation on my family farm in Colorado, I have developed a deep passion for agriculture in my home state.

Drew Matsushima

Western States Ranches
Agricultural Operations Coordinator

Drew joined Western States Ranches (WSR) in 2022 to help facilitate administrative documentation, coordinate projects, and research and develop relationships in the agricultural community.

Drew’s background is rooted in Colorado on a generational farm in Platteville, CO.

As the fourth generation on his family farm, he has developed a deep passion for the opportunity in agriculture in his home state of Colorado.

We provide long-term skillful stewardship of the land, livestock and invested capital. We thrive by working in harmony with wilderness.

Jim Howell

Grasslands, LLC

Jim is passionate about the intersection of wilderness, wildlife, domestic livestock, food and fiber production, and land-based human cultures—all of which overlap and can harmoniously coexist in the space of grassland agriculture. In addition to managing his family’s own ranch in western Colorado for 17 years, he has managed and consulted for large landscape working ranches, mostly in native rangeland environments, across the American West and Northern Great Plains, the South Island of New Zealand, the Pampean and Patagonian regions of Argentina, and peninsular Florida. He has also traveled extensively, working on, visiting and capturing stories of progressively managed ranches across southern Africa, Australia, and Mexico. Much of his lessons are captured in his book, For the Love of Land—Global Case Studies of Grazing in Nature’s Image. He co-founded Grasslands, LLC in 2010, and has served since then as its CEO.